WJEC A Level Business Studies
Business Studies A Level for WJEC

As Module 2 Business Functions

Accounting And Finance Section Title


Past Paper Questions



  • The nature and purpose of budgets and their limitations.

Cash Flow Forecasting

  • Simple cash flow forecasts.The benefits and limitations of using cash flow forecasts.

Profit and Loss Accounts and

Balance Sheets

  • The main items on a Profit and Loss Account and
  • Balance Sheets of sole traders and partnerships.
  • The function and purpose of accounts in relation to internal and external stakeholders.

Break-Even Analysis

  • Costs: fixed, variable and semi-variable.
  • Construction and interpretation of break-even charts.
  • What-if analysis and contribution
  • The impact of changes in costs and revenue on a businesses's gross and net profit.

Intro to break-even